Chengdu TIEDA Electronics Corp., founded in 2000, is the leading professional varistor manufacture in China, officially recognized as the national high-tech enterprise, and the vice director of Voltage Sensitive Division, Chinese Institute of Electronics.

TIEDA focuses only on providing superior-quality varistor. Our continuous innovation and established technical expertise qualify us for supplying high-performance and high-reliability products to customers. Our plant is ISO-9001 certified. The products have been certified by UL  & CUL, VDE, CQC and in compliance with RoHS and REACH. Assured by the ERP system and strict quality control process, TIEDA offers an annual production capacity of 500 million pieces varistors.


TIEDA is committed to protecting the environment by conducting its operations in an eco-friendly manner. We consider environment protection as a significant dimension of business activities of the company. Therefore, we are continuing to improve this through many programs such as keeping miniaturizing products for reducing the energy usage, enforcing environmental standards throughout our facilities, complying with RoHS Directives and REACH regulations, applying ISO-14001 certification, etc.TIEDA supports the exchange of information and open dialogue with customers, employees, suppliers, state administration bodies and parties concerned.The company’s management regularly reviews its environmental policy, goals and programs in order to continuously improve and ameliorate the effect on the environment so that the impact of our activities on the environment is minimized to the maximum possible extent.   

TIEDA is based in Chengdu, with offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. With the experienced sales team and distributors, our products are shipped worldwide for each customer’s needs. Thanks to the dedicated employees, management with a customer-oriented mindset, sound competitive marketing and exceptional products and services, TIEDA proves to be the preferred brand for famous manufacturers from consumer electronics to industrial equipments around the world.